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Donna's Love

Saturday, October 15th 2016 the world lost one of the most incredible women to ever bless this earth. Donna Skinner died on this day in a Tractor Accident while she was cutting the grass at her church in West Carrollton, Ohio.
Donna's heart was just huge by any comparison. She was always doing something to help someone. She touched so many peoples lives that we will forever have an empty spot that our memories of her will forever hold. Many times she spoke of wanting to create care packages for the homeless and other such efforts to offer some help to the people that she saw struggling. Every time she tried she couldn't get any attention to help her efforts or she had dangerous experiences in trying.
To make sure this world never forgets my beautiful friend we have created the DONNA'S LOVE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.
Through private donations and public fundraising we're able to offer various services to a large group of people that are truly at the most critical of situations.
We focus Donna's Love in 4 main areas:

 1: Helping Support The Homeless
 2: Supporting Children suffering from a loss of a loved one
 3: Helping our brave men and women serving over seas that are struggling to offer Christmas to their kids
 4: Helping the pets of struggling families